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Brander Prints offers DTF Hot Peel Film, the ultimate solution for your printing needs. Featuring a unique single-sided matte/glossy coating, our hot peel film is compatible with a variety of materials, including cotton and polyester. Each roll measures 24 inches wide and extends over 325 feet in length, making it perfect for roll-fed or roll-to-roll DTF printers. Elevate your printing projects with Brander's premium DTF hot peel film, renowned among professionals for its unmatched quality and reliability."

Business DTF Hot Peel Matte/Glossy Film

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Size: 24" x 325"
    • Coating: Single-sided glossy PET film
    • Pressing Instructions:
      • First Press: 315°F for 10 seconds (hot peel)
      • Second Press: 315°F for 10 seconds with heavy pressure
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